Clothing Accessories / January 25, 2023

20 best Lip Balm For Dark Lips

Aha…the next thing a girl has a fetish for (after her face that is) is her LIPS. This is one part of her body which she is extremely conscious and proud of. Why because she wants her lips “plump” and “pouty” the whole day (which is pretty understandable). but if you have dark and pigmented […]

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January 21, 2023

Ear makeup Trend: makeup On An unforeseen Body part

I know, I understand makeup is the next finest thing to do after eating or sleeping. It’s every girl’s pet obsession. however ever heard of doing makeup on strange parts of the body, such as ears? Ear art, I mean. A type of body art which is the latest as well as unforeseen makeup trend […]

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